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The Team

Kara and I are blessed to work in ministry with Meredith, Natalia, and Alyssa. Your financial support allows them to fill a much-needed role in everything that happens at camp. It is exciting to see this next step of growth at camp and this next generation of leaders being built. God continues to bless us as staff, and we are excited to be serving together this next season!

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Trevor and Meredith Hurlburt

Kitchen Lead, Social Media, Marketing

Meredith started coming to Camp Machasay when she was in 3rd grade. She began helping at camp when she turned 14. Camp Machasay has a special place in Meredith's heart, and you can see it when the kids arrive for camp. Meredith is starting her 2nd year as head cook. She ensures that all the staff and campers eat well and provides meals to our rental groups requesting them. She is a joy to work with and always happy to serve. She also helps with social media and marketing and is a counselor when she can. Meredith and her husband, Trevor, live in Idalia, Colorado.



Natalia Malmkar

Property and Grounds Lead, Counselor

Natalia started coming to Camp Machasay in 5th grade. She started helping as a counselor the summer she was 17. Natalia loves the kids, and she continues to be an awesome counselor. For the last several years, Natalia has been tackling the big job of preparing the grounds and facilities for camps. The only thing bigger than her work ethic is her smile! She is a big blessing to everyone at camp. Natalia is also excited to intern this fall with the Christain School in Grant, Ne where she lives.



Ben and Alyssa Toliver

Wrangler Lead

Attending Camp Machasay for the first time in 3rd grade, Alyssa has many memories here. She started helping Micaila with horses in 6th grade and has been faithful since then. Alyssa is our wrangler; she rides and maintains our horses throughout the year to prepare them for kids during the camp season. She brings stewardship and mentorship to the horse program and loves to invest in the next generation of riders. Alyssa and her husband, Ben, live in Elsie, Nebraska, where they recently bought a house.    


James and Kara Hatcher

Camp Directors

     Shortly after James and Kara were married in 2000 they began helping Youth Challenge with Bible quizzing. It was during this time that Youth Challenge acquired Camp Machasay. Rick invited them out to see the new campus and they began praying God would allow them to be a part of the ministry at camp. 

     What’s exciting is that even though God moved them to California instead, He never removed Camp Machasay from their hearts. When God moved them and their 4 boys back to the Perkins County area in 2020, they wasted no time as a family rejoining Bible quizzing and volunteering in the summers at Camp Machasay. It wasn’t long after that they began to pray about where God would have them be involved. God opened the door for them to join Youth Challenge as Camp Directors.

     James and Kara are excited to introduce all that camp has to offer to churches in the area and to reach youth for the gospel of Christ.  They believe now more than ever kids need the security and truth of the Scripture. 

Our family left to right: Jacob (17) Isaiah (20), Micah (14), Caleb (4), Kara, and James. 

Camp Cell: 970-965-9596


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